staff profiles

Title: Specialized Respite Stay Planner.

My name is Nathan and I look after Nardy House’s social media presence online and the website I also co-ordinate specialised respite stays, plan activities for these stays and make the clients feel comfortable. . I moved to this area from Perth as a teenager and now live in Brogo with my Dad and brother. I love living on the farm as it is nice and quiet with no annoying neighbours! When I can find time I make digital music with my laptop. After running into difficulty selling my music online I decided to create my own digital platform for myself, and other like minded people, to sell music online. Hardly a challenge !! I have been at it for about three years so far but  nearly there and hoping to launch very soon, fingers crossed! My vision for Nardy House is for people to be able to come and have holiday stays here and experience what the Sapphire Coast has to offer.