CONTACT: Denise Redmond




Linda Burney at Nardy House.


Linda Burney, Labor MP, visited Nardy House on Saturday. Ms Burney was accompanied by Leanne Atkinson, the NSW Labor Candidate for the Seat of Bega. They discussed ongoing problems being experienced at Nardy House with CEO, Denise Redmond.


Denise Redmond outlined the discussion, “Problems of Nardy House relate to the National Disability Insurance Scheme unpaid invoices, portal issues and the handing back of accommodation and care of children in Voluntary Out of Home Care (VOOHC) to the State.”


“ The reluctance of Family and Community Services (FACS) to answer direct queries of additions of children’s names to the VOOHC Register by this Agency was outlined. The problems of the NDIS Agency trying to separate disability from health issues – an area fraught with complexity- was put to Ms Burney in a detailed submission”


“ Ms Burney has knowledge and experience in the State and Federal areas of politics. She understands the issues facing our organisation. Nardy House participants do not fit the NDIS bureaucratic model. The NSW State Government appears to be saving money by not adding to the VOOHC Register. Further the State Government is not meeting the costs of children being cared for by Service Providers such as Nardy House”


“It seems that a number of Service Providers are leaving the industry because they are being starved of funds. This is called “thinning” by NDIS. The end result will be a lack of choice for participants. As participants with complex physical needs have little choice we are back to the Aged Care setting as a scenario.”


“ Large for-profit organisations appear to be the winners in the situation that is being created.”


“This means a real loss of proper and well supervised care. Nardy House participants, who have the most complex needs, will be the first to feel the effects however all participants with all levels of need will eventually experience the lack of choice, the lack of supervision and the depersonalization of this oversight.”