Corporate Partners

Payroll/Workforce Giving

As an individual, we often feel that a small donation won’t make any difference. However, through workplace giving you join the growing family of Nardy House supporters whose combined donations make a significant contribution each year to help improve the lives of people with a disability.

If 100 employees donated $5 each week then your organisation would raise $26,000 each year and if donations were matched by your employer then your organisation would raise $52,000 each year. Also remember: If you donate $5 per week before tax then you are only paying $3 per week (assuming a marginal tax rate of 23.4%).

Workplace giving offers an efficient and tax-effective way of donating as employees receive their tax deduction at the time the donation is made; this is then recorded in the employee’s payment summary. Workplace giving is a great opportunity for your employees to support your values and the wider community. As an employer, you can also match dollar for dollar donated by staff to demonstrate your corporate social responsibility.

For more information on making tax-deductible donations visit the Australian Taxation Office website:

Many of Nardy House’s services need the help of dedicated volunteers throughout the year. By helping out at one of our open days, or getting your hands dirty in the gardens, volunteering is a great way to make a tangible difference to Nardy House. In addition, volunteering can be a fantastic team-building exercise for your staff and can lead to a more intimate understanding of Nardy House’s services and our clients’ needs.

Sponsorship and Donations

Many businesses commit a small percentage of their annual profits to donate back to the community. Nardy House offers specialised services for people with profound physical disabilities, some of the most disadvantaged members of our society all of whom need your support. Financial contributions can come to Nardy House either as a general donation, or the sponsorship of a specific service. Whether you are interested in respite care, recreation services or early childhood support, contributing directly to one of Nardy House’s services will make a substantial difference to the lives of our clients. However you wish to help, Nardy House works hard to ensure that the support of our benefactors is fully and gratefully acknowledged.

Cause-Related Marketing

Cause-related marketing is one of the most effective ways to link your company with the positive message of supporting the community. By donating a portion of the proceeds from the sale of one of your products or services, you can increase sales volume while raising significant funds for Nardy House. Recent evidence suggests that considering similar products in terms of price and quality, 77% of consumers would prefer to purchase a product associated with a cause, and would switch from their normal brand.

There are many ways to create and implement a cause-related marketing campaign, please call us to discuss exciting opportunities to boost your corporate reputation and brand image.

Gifts in Kind

Your business may be able to provide us with services or resources free of charge that can assist our bottom line. Whether it is accountancy, insurance, vehicle management, gardening, air conditioning, cleaning or IT, Nardy House is always in need of resources and equipment. If you think you have something that could be of use to Nardy House, please get in contact with our CEO.