Our Supporters

New Donations and Supporters

We have received generous donations from the Quota Club and from our long time supporters the Op Shoppe at Tathra. We have had some really beautiful patchwork quilts given to the house- a big thanks to the Bermagui Quilters for their hard work

Old Friends
Nardy House welcomed a visit by representatives of the Ryder Cheshire Foundation to the Nardy House permanent accommodation building site. Jenny and Peter Coleman Coleby came bearing gifts: a portrait of the Foundations leader Leonard Cheshire. It was great to have the substantial grant made available to us but it was even better to experience the personal interest demonstrated by the Coleman Colbys.

Betsy Hilton was able to reciprocate and gave Peter a home spun, handknitted Nardy House beanie. Betsy works with and continues the fundraising efforts of Joyce Whittaker in the beanie department. If you want a beanie contact us!

Lions International Grant to Nardy House

Bermagui Lions is hosting a dinner at the Bermagui Country Club and one item on the agenda is the presentation of an International Lions grant to Nardy House Inc. Bermagui Lions Club has a very long history associated with assistance to the Nardy House Project. Recently the Bermagui Lions with the support of other Lion’s Clubs in the zone received International recognition for the project by way of a $50 000 (USA) grant from Lions International The grant is to assist the Nardy House Committee to build the second stage of the project: permanent accommodation for six people with profound disabilities. The second stage is estimated to cost approximately $900 000 and the grant and the prestige attached to it gives the Committee a significant boost.

“A great many hours were put in by Bermagui Lion, Keith McKee, in preparation of the submission. Narooma Lion, John Cheesman, added significantly in the development and layout of the package, proof reading and checking figures.”Denise Redmond, Project Manager for the Nardy House Project, said.

“Bermagui Lion, Keith McKee then went on to garner further and additional support of other Lions Clubs in the region. While some of the local clubs were aware of the Nardy House Project and had contributed funds to assist us he made the members aware of the humanitarian and social significance of the project. He was able to see that carers were insecure and forever concerned about what would happen to the person in their care if something happened to them; he recognized that placing people with disabilities in Aged Care facilities was inappropriate, inhumane and a social injustice not only to the person with a disability but also to the frail aged in our community; he also recognized that carers would take this step only when there was no other option was available and he recognized Nardy House as an option. He convinced others that we were a viable and important option.”

“ The Nardy House Committee want to thank the zone Lions for their commitment to people with profound disabilities, to their carers and to the Nardy House Project. We have achieved substantial gains and will continue to do so with their support”


Funding has been made available to Nardy House through charity organisations including Patrick Rafter’s Cherish the Children – Childrens Charities and Government Departments.