SPECIAL PEOPLE-Will you be a volunteer at 100?

Hard at work for Nardy House
Hard at work for Nardy House



Nardy House has a very special volunteer


Jantje (Jane) Schaap has been creating goods to assist Nardy House in our fund raising efforts for three decades. Jantje crochets rugs for use by residents at the house and produces special crochet pieces for our raffles.


Jantje’s long time efforts are not restricted to Nardy House. She was recently presented with her 20 year Long Service bar from the Red Cross. She donated a Queen Size crocheted bedspread for their Red Cross Calling fundraiser. She donates approximately two rugs per week for fund raising sale.


Jantje arrived in Australia from Holland with her husband and two children about 63 years ago. Two more children were born in Australia. One of those children is Betsy Hilton who, with her husband Rex, donated the land for the Nardy House facility. The Hilton family wished to provide permanent and respite care services and facilities for people with profound physical disabilities. Zeke, their youngest son, had an accident when he was two years old that resulted in him acquiring a profound brain injury. Jantje was ready to assist then and has continued to assist the Nardy House project.


Jantje turns 100 in December. Nardy House regards her with affection, esteem and gratitude. Her age has not influenced her volunteering capacity nor her ability to produce beautifully handcrafted products.


Happy 100th Birthday to an inspirational volunteer worker!