Dave Hooper in New Role at Nardy House

Dave Hooper is the Head of Maintenance at Nardy House. The new role combines two positions of indoor and outdoor maintenance and is designed to streamline the position before the organization embarks on its final building phase: the therapy room and pool.


Dave held the Nardy House indoor maintenance position and was the residential musician for many years prior to taking on this new role. The position entails completing the tidy up of burned garden beds, post fire and reconstruction of the same. The erection of a worker amenities shed prior to building construction commencing is also a priority. The position also involves the everyday upkeep and maintenance of the existing gardens and surrounds.


The activities centre is an area that Dave has been working on in the Nardy House grounds for some time. He has organized the refurbishment of a donated disability swing (Meg Makila and family) and with the assistance of another talented local tradesman: Peter Moore, has ensured that the residents at Nardy House will have further activity enhancement


We welcome Dave to the team in his new role and look forward to working with him. There are exciting times ahead; we are keen to complete our building programme and enhance the physical surrounds of the facilities.