Cassy Sweeny Profile

Cassy Sweeny Having grown up in the local area and selling raffle tickets at the pub to fundraise for Nardy House it is amazing to see how far the dream has come. Cassy has been employed as a Care Service Worker for the last four years. After moving back from Queensland with her children, Cassy … Read more

Paul Gallagher Profile

Pauly Gallagher has been a Nardy House employee for over 10 years. Paul has seen a lot of changes in management, staff and inhouse cares. Paul talks about how blessed he is working at Nardy House. He takes pride in his work and intends to stay at Nardy until he is ready to retire in … Read more

Easter Bunny found his way to Nardy House

Nicholas Connelly enjoying craft activities. In preparation for Easter, Nicholas is painting an Easter Bunny with support carer Cassy Sweeny. Clients and staff enjoyed themselves over the Easter Break.

Behaviour Support

Meg Makila enjoying learning how to use a bell as a form of communication. Caitlin McClung is a Behaviour Support person and has visited Nardy House to introduce different forms of communication devices for our participants. There is no doubt Meg is having a wonderful time playing games with Caitlin. Meg thrived on all the … Read more

Kylie Salway Profile

Kylie commenced working at Nardy House 7 years ago, after she was looking for a way to advance in the field of disability. Kylie has completed her Certificate 4 in Business and Administration, and since working at Nardy she has completed a Certificate 4 in Disability. She is relief administration officer and has recently progressed … Read more

Emergency Evacuation Scenario

Emergency Evacuation Scenario Nardy House conducted an emergency evacuation scenario yesterday. Participants were loaded into the vehicles and taken for a drive to Bermagui, the meeting point organised for the scenario. Because of the nonverbal status of our participants, a red shirt has been made for any potential emergency evacuations that may occur, which will … Read more

Chrissy Profile

Christine Pauling Chrissy is Nardy House Administration Officer/2IC and has been working at Nardy for 10 years. Prior to becoming a butcher, Chrissy worked as a support worker for disabled adults. She then returned to working within the disability field after moving to Quaama. Chrissy loves to be involved in all participant activities around the … Read more

Music talent at Nardy House

Renee Norton joining in with singer Jad Mitchell, to entertain fellow Nardy House Participants. Renee is famously known by staff for her love of country music. She  takes after her mother Marie Norton,  who is known for her music talent around the festival scene.