Emergency Evacuation Scenario

Emergency Evacuation Scenario

Nardy House conducted an emergency evacuation scenario yesterday.

Participants were loaded into the vehicles and taken for a drive to Bermagui, the meeting point organised for the scenario.

Because of the nonverbal status of our participants, a red shirt has been made for any potential emergency evacuations that may occur, which will help identify where the participants live to any volunteer or working emergency persons. The participants were dressed in their red shirts  once we reached the safety of Bermagui.

This scenario was a great success, staff managed to have all participants out of Nardy House within 25 minutes. Throughout the process, some additional risks have been identified and we are currently putting into motion added steps and changes to mitigate those risks. The expectation is we will be able evacuate quicker when the next scenario takes place.

The participants were then taken to Narooma for a well-earned special meal at the club to celebrate their participation . They enjoyed themselves immensely.