Nardy House Fundraising Raffle – Bermagui Pub

Nardy House raised $487 at the Bermagui Hotel on Saturday  from the sausage sizzle and raffle of meat trays

Bermagui Hotel supplied all the ingredients for the sausage sizzle and the sausages were cooked to perfection by CHEF Tony Redmond

Raffle tickets were sold by Board Members- Kitty Leighton and Betsy Hilton and CEO, Denise Redmond-all tickets went fast as the visitors and locals to the Bermagui Reboot vied to win the organic meat trays.

Denise found the tomato sauce dispensers a challenge while Betsy’s winning ways meant patrons forked out generously for raffle tickets.

Nardy House wishes to thank the Bermagui Hotel for its support and the hotel customers for their generous purchases.