Nardy House in “lock down” but the Easter Bunny still gets in!


Nardy House closed its doors to non-essential visitors very early in the COVID 19 pandemic. Management and staff members went from vigilant to hyper vigilant in their interactions with residents and the outside community.


Initially Day Programmes ceased and were replaced by activities run by Nardy House. Residents were still able to go out with staff as long as there was little contact with other people and they and staff had to take all meals and drinks with them. Stringent hand washing followed any activity.


Even these activities ceased with the coming of COVID 19 to the Valley.


Jane MacGregor, Nardy House Service Manager, investigated ways to minimize the necessity for staff members to interact with the community in order to keep the house running. Deliveries of goods were made at the gate and then taken to the house. Outside maintenance workers were asked to limit their interaction with residents and staff. Workers able to work from home headed there. Workers with limited ability to undertake Nardy House work undertook training courses to assist them on their return. Grocery delivery credit streams were set up. The respite house was thoroughly cleaned for isolation ready to transfer any resident with any hint of an infection of any kind.


The common cold can be a very serious matter for our residents. While Nardy House is usually a pretty ” tight ship” we were becoming watertight. We wanted residents to be safe and we wanted our workers to stay healthy ; so finally the residents’ carers had their visits and then postponed further contact until they felt it was safe for them to do so.


Our staff members continued to offer the high level of personal care to our residents… they cannot implement personal space distancing with them- while at the same time they ensure that when they go home they keep themselves safe from infections of any kind.


Yet who got in? The Easter Bubby-Whacky rabbits.  He DID wash his hands!


Happy Easter. Stay safe and take care and we will get through this.