Nardy House Team Member Wins NBN Award

Nathan Johnston is the recipient of a $10K NBN Co grant for Innovation. He is one of only seven winners of the inaugural “Innovate with NBN grants” and the only NSW winner.


Nathan who was initially employed by Nardy House as a Respite Planner has had to adapt to the changing world of COVID. Respite services, already limited prior to the advent of COVID (by lack of plan funding for NDIS participants) were curtailed by the pandemic. Nathan began working from home and took on the NHI social media role.


He has already introduced new ideas to Nardy House and brings fresh ideas to training and the presentation of the Nardy House brand. This grant further emphasizes Nathan’s importance to the organization and the gains that come from inclusive employment.


Nathan has already developed and launched DME3, an inclusive music streaming service designed to allow accessibility for people with disabilities. The grant will allow him to concentrate on the development of the Disability Club: a Club designed to connect everyone with a disability: locally and globally.


Nardy House Board and NHI staff members want to congratulate Nathan on his Award. We look forward to the development and launch of Disability Club.