Rex Hilton – Land Donor and Founder 9/9/41 – 11/02/07

The carer face, the media image of the Nardy House Project, has died. Rex Hilton and his wife Betsy donated the five acres of land for the Nardy House Project. Rex never got to use the respite facility however he never withdrew his support and willingness to be the carer who put his situation in … Read more

The Can Do Campaign: Getting it Done!

Nardy House has received a large grant from the Ryder Cheshire Foundation to enable the group to complete construction of their permanent accommodation facility at Quaama. The permanent accommodation facility has always been the main aim of the Nardy House Committee and this grant will mean that the goal is nearing completion. Fit out of … Read more

Nardy House is on YouTube

We are really reaching out to the wider community through technology. Our promotional filmmaker, David Condon, has made it possible to get our message out there through web movies. Now we’re on YouTube! – We can email you a copy if you are interested in seeing people with profound disabilities taken out of the … Read more

Nardy House is on Facebook

Nardy House is now on Facebook – Please Like us! We want to develop a network of people with profound physical disabilities, their carers, friends and the community. We are finally conquering this form of communication so it is time to make friends with us (again) and we are now an independent service provider … Read more

Nardy House Promotional Film

A four minute film: The Nardy Journey :profound disabilities in the “Can Do Basket” View our film here. We have started Stage 2 of our project. We have estimates that the cost of building completion and fit out will be over the $1 million mark. We don’t think that the Bega Valley can supply the … Read more

Ryder Cheshire Foundation

There is a new page on the Nardy House website. The page features the NSW Newsletter of the Ryder Cheshire Foundation. This foundation has assisted Nardy House with funding the permanent accommodation building project. We are keen to let our supporters know of the work this group is undertaking in many places through out the … Read more

New Artwork at Nardy House

Brendan Hackett (see our Facebook page) is a regular at Nardy House Respite. His relationship with artist, John Gosch of Cobargo, has resulted in unique pieces. The sculpture above is in the grounds of Nardy House.The sculpture moves very gently in its space in the garden and is a really welcome addition. Our gardens have … Read more

Forum : Introducing Ryder Cheshire to Bega Valley

Dear Supporter, The Nardy House¬† focus forum at The Access Centre in Bega on the 3rd August was very successful. We introduced our philanthropic supporters, The Ryder Cheshire Foundation, to groups in the Bega Valley and discovered that all groups had a great deal in common. The Timor Leste connection is very worthwhile developing and … Read more

Gail Drury’s ride across the Nullabor

[paypal-donation] You can donate to Gail Drury’s ride across the Nullarbor. The ride begins August 3rd. Gail Drury, a Bermagui local, is riding a bike 860 kilometres across the Nullarbor, west to east, to raise money for the landscaping efforts. Nardy House will develop a sensory garden around the supported accommodation house with money raised … Read more