Pauly Gallagher came to the Bega Valley some years ago to help his daughter. He applied for many jobs in the valley and Nardy House was the 27th application for a position
Pauly says of his successful application,”I knew straight away it was meant to be. It has been a very rewarding ten years, but at times also very hard and sad. The hardest times are when a resident dies. This is very hard on the families and their Nardy House carers.
I have seen a lot of changes in the way Nardy House delivers care, house management and staff. I am now working with an excellent crew.
I have been blessed with these ongoing opportunities to work here and hope I can last a few more years to retirement.”
Denise Redmond spoke about Pauly Gallagher’s contribution to Nardy House at a small presentation at the Nardy House Christmas Party. She noted that Pauly had been with Nardy House through drought, fire and COVID and that he was always willing to help out in difficult times.
Pauly said of his contribution to the organisation,”I was very humbled by Denise’s speech at the staff Xmas party. I was a little proud of myself and my efforts over the last ten years”
Nardy House is really delighted to see an employee reach the 10 year long service point. We hope to see the rewards that a long service break is able to give to our employees and wish to see many more reach this mark.
Congratulations Pauly from all Nardy House Staff members, the Nardy House Board and thank you for you friendship and contribution over the years