The participants at Nardy House enjoyed their 2021 despite being in lockdown for a great deal of the year We are hoping that this year we are out and about a bit more! Enjoy our Nardy House video for 2021. Thanks to everyone who put the video together… special thanks to CM for clip compilation … Read more

Site Preparation Begins on Therapy Room and Pool

The site is being prepared for construction to begin. The site is now level and the retaining blocks are being placed Construction and leveling is being undertaken by Sonya Lucas with her offsider Nelson Lucas. The Lucas family have been long time supporters of Nardy House and the Company was there for the initial site … Read more

Work in progress

Nardy House Pool Site Construction to Start Soon   Fire damaged garden beds have been removed in preparation for the new veggie patch and in preparation for the Nardy House Building programme   Nardy House is ready to finalise the Activity and Liberty Swing area  and the next step is to prepare for the therapy room and … Read more

Nardy House ready to build the therapy room and pool

The final stage of the Nardy House project is about to commence The NHI Board is going to start building the third and final stage of their project: the therapy room and pool Denise Redmond, project manager, held a preliminary meeting with Crystal Pools’ management team (Paul Hicken and Peter Stewart) “The meeting was informative … Read more

Disability Club is now available

Nathan has recently launched his social media network: his own Disability Club. It is for individuals living with a disability to make friends and to connect with likeminded people. The idea is to see disability in a new way and to connect with others and with services. Recent media attention from ABC has ensured the … Read more

Dave Hooper in New Role at Nardy House

Dave Hooper is the Head of Maintenance at Nardy House. The new role combines two positions of indoor and outdoor maintenance and is designed to streamline the position before the organization embarks on its final building phase: the therapy room and pool.   Dave held the Nardy House indoor maintenance position and was the residential … Read more

Nardy House Team Member Wins NBN Award

Nathan Johnston is the recipient of a $10K NBN Co grant for Innovation. He is one of only seven winners of the inaugural “Innovate with NBN grants” and the only NSW winner.   Nathan who was initially employed by Nardy House as a Respite Planner has had to adapt to the changing world of COVID. … Read more

Our new volunteer Wendy Neville

Wendy Neville   Volunteer Worker and Visitor   Ila, Meg and Renee’s art works use primary colours to paint and print with. They are making their art works into cards and bookmarks to send to family and friends   John is exercising dexterity with over patterning. He also enjoys a game of Mental Maths Dice … Read more


      The night of the 31st of December could have ended tragically for Nardy House. Our residents were evacuated to Bega under the guidance of our Service Manager, Jane MacGregor and Nardy House Staff members. They drove in convoy with a police escort through McLeod Hill: both sides of the highway were ablaze. … Read more

Nardy House in “lock down” but the Easter Bunny still gets in!

  Nardy House closed its doors to non-essential visitors very early in the COVID 19 pandemic. Management and staff members went from vigilant to hyper vigilant in their interactions with residents and the outside community.   Initially Day Programmes ceased and were replaced by activities run by Nardy House. Residents were still able to go … Read more